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ASPE Chapter 54 History

In the beginning

ASPE Chapter 54 was charted in February 1985 The first meetings were in the coffee shop of the Burnside Fred Meyer store and were held at noon. There were a few people who I knew such as my brother in law, Bud Smith, and Sue Widmer. I was looking for any help that I could get in better understanding the estimating process.

After being a member for less than a year, I decided that the group needed help in the programming area so I volunteered. We changed the venue to the “High Hat”, a Chinese restaurant in Tigard. We stayed there for about a year. We then changed to “Newport Bay” restaurant in Tigard for another year. For the next couple of years, we bumped around from restaurant to restaurant, never staying put very long anywhere.

Gaining traction

Then we hit on “Caro Amico” We met there for several years very successfully. During this time, the average attendance was about 10 or so. It was a good group of 10 though. It was soon after that we hit on a “series” program of negotiated contract type work. The programs were so successful that the membership boomed and we had to go to a larger venue. Thus we moved to Sylvia’s, where we met for several years.

I stayed program chair for about 15 years or so and enjoyed the challenge of coming up with ideas and subjects that estimators would find interesting. The challenge of the program continues to this day but now everyone understands the critical nature of the program. We used to have a Christmas party in December but decided to skip December after a couple or so. This led to the “river cruise”. This remained popular for several years to be replaced by the “wine tour”. On the first wine tour, Joe Bolkovitz took charge and ordered cases of wine from each winery we visited. He also talked others into buying so the wine cost was at the “bulk” rate. Joe was always conscious of the “rate”.

Lessons learned

At the end, everyone ended up owing Joe lots of money. It was an interesting time. Nearly everyone thought that it was a success and the wine tour continues. Members have come and gone but the group remains vital because everyone recognizes the necessity of reviewing the myriad of critical items that go into putting together a successful estimate. - from Jerry Harris,CPE, Member Emeritus Past meeting places: top hat restaurant, Mallory hotel. In the early days, sometimes we would only have 4 or 5 people show. Have a few drinks, gossip, eat and leave.

- From Walt Lemon

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