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The professional estimator is responsible for “booking” profitable work, in accordance with the ASPE Cannons, for her or his company. The question arises as to just what is a “professional” estimator and how can an employer and a client ensure that the person providing the project’s cost knows the estimating process.

ASPE has, for over 30 years, provided a system for construction companies and owners to gauge the knowledge of the person providing project estimates. That system is the Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) rating. The person who rates a CPE title has passed up to 12 hours of written exam and/or submitted 100 questions and verifiable answers relating to their profession and submitted a professionally written paper on a subject relating to their work.

Over the past several years more owners and public agencies are requiring that proposals submitted for their projects be prepared by CPE’s. The National ASPE and Chapter 54 can provide you with complete information on the process. Please contact Chana Frederick at  for information regarding this career enhancing process, or our National Site HERE for more information